Email security

CommRich Limited, one of the UK’s most innovative providers of web hosting services, have developed an Internet-based E-mail borne virus-scanning system that takes the pressure off users and network administrators.

The system is kept permanently up-to-date, by monitoring multiple virus software signature lists. This means that the chance of a new virus strain sneaking through, and infecting the message recipient, is reduced to virtually nothing.

It is usually the newest virus strain, which causes the problem, simply because the PC does not yet know that the properties being checked are actually malevolent. The PC network would have to be updated before the receipt of every E-mail, to give the same peace of mind that CommRich can offer today.

The chance of experiencing a virus attack is doubling every year, with an average downtime of over 12 hours.

All incoming mail on every scan-activated E-mail address hosted by CommRich is checked thoroughly for the tell-tale signs of viruses and spam.